Major Building Works

With over nearly 300 new build properties behind us there is a very good chance that whatever you have planned for your property, we have already gained a wealth of experience crafting similar properties, experience that we can bring to your project to ensure a hassle free development process.
From initial conceptual design stages, through architectural drawings, construction, all the way to the final coat of paint, Wheeler Developments will be with you at every stage of either a new build, rebuild or renovation.
Our vast portfolio is on hand at any time for clients to view, compare & crib from ensuring that each client is 100% confident in the look & fit of all finished details before ever agreeing to go ahead and begin work.

When looking for a new property most clients are more attracted to the location of a home rather than the four walls that currently stand upon the land & for those whom it is financially viable the option to level an existing building & replace it with a bespoke home, specifically built to match their needs, is a very attractive proposition. Whilst rebuild rather than renovation comes with its own set of unique challenges the satisfaction of finally opening the door to your brand new home is unmatched & for many people the achievement of a life long dream. Having worked with many clients over our lifetime to realise their individual dreams we can wholeheartedly say that being involved in the process of rebuilding a property is something you will never forget.

Whilst the dream of building your own house lives inside many people in reality not every project has the freedom of starting with a blank canvas & although the restriction of cost or time might not quite match the initial dream, alteration rather than a new build doesn’t have to be a restriction it might at first seem. Indeed many of histories greatest buildings are simply extensions of pre existing properties – much of New York’s Guggenheim Museum for instance is essentially a beautifully designed extension to the original building – so undertaking a property alteration should be seen as at least as exciting a prospect as crafting a new home from scratch. With bespoke design options available for matching the original property or conceptualising something completely different a Wheeler Developments led alteration is sure to revitilise any property.