Project Management

Whether you need a little help managing contractors or a complete project management solution Wheeler Developments have the skills and experience to ensure that your property development runs as smoothly as possible.

With our long standing supplier relationships we can see to it that waiting on materials does not hold up progress at any stage nor that the site does not become an unwieldy mess due to large numbers of visiting tradesmen.

In addition having the knowledge to come in and solve problems that may tax the new or underprepared developer allows us to offer clients the security that the job, no matter how big or small, is always completed to the same exacting standards and timeframes we insist on for our own projects.

Approaching 40 years of experience goes a long way in helping to preempt the many potential issues that can rear their head during any project and at Wheeler Developments we have seen them all. Our vast experience in development projects – ranging from the smallest garden walls to sites with in excess of 50 homes – ensures that we can plan out a construction program that minimises time & material wastage as well as inconvenience on our clients, leading to clean, efficient & enjoyable projects for everyone involved.

Few developers in the bailiwick – or even the mainland – can boast an in-house design team with as much experience in property design as ours. Covering architectural as well as interior design our team oversees every stage of a project, working with clients to ensure that bespoke details & custom requirements are implemented exactly. It’s one of the main reasons our projects are so unique & our customers come back time & time again to work with us on bespoke projects you won’t find anywhere else.

Property development has never been solely the remit of large scale developers & many times over the past 35+ years we have been contracted by individuals to carry out building works for them as part of a larger project, often times coming in to provide support for the more technical or labour intensive areas of a build. With our extensive range of plant machinery & experienced hands we can offer a multitude of contracting options for any project & would be happy to discuss your needs at any stage in the development.