Les Jehans Barn

Les Jehans Barn

A complete renovation and extension of a traditional 19th century Guernsey barn on the site of a much larger farm house this project involved a complete review and structural investigation prior to work beginning to ensure the existing walls and foundations were suitable for renovation. Having ascertained that the building was suitable the renovation work was completed over a period of two years as other projects took precedence.

This extended timeline however allowed for some increased thinking on how best to use the limited spaces available and in the long run allowed for a property that feels much more spacious than its exterior would suggest.

With the use of traditional materials to complement its unique historical significance we have been able to create a property that offers its occupants all of the benefits of modern day living without any of the detrimental affects to the islands heritage that unusually befall these types of projects.

Project Description

Market: Local
Location: Torteval